About Us

The Nottingham African Consortium is a charitable organisation whose main objective is to provide a collective voice for the African migrants and refugees living in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, by uniting Migrant-led Community Organisations under one body.

NAC seeks to strengthen the links between Migrant-led community organisations and facilitate improved co-ordination of services and activities, and developing working relationships with other concerned organisations to provide an effective forum for advocacy and action.

In addition, NAC liaises with government departments and other stake-holders to keep them informed of pertinent issues regarding its member organisations.

NAC is currently comprised of an elected Management Committee of six representatives (group members) and 16 member organisations. The management committee overseers the daily responsibilities of the consortium, they also represent the consortium as a whole. The management committee is made up of the following representatives:

Siddig Omer – Chair

Mohammed Abdulrahman – Vice Chair

Semere Nestereab – Treasurer

Lorent Tchouleng – Trustee

Jean-Didier Mualaba – Trustee

Paula Pontes – Secretary