What We Do

  • Network strengthening and information exchange – NAC binds and maintains networks between organisations. This helps to develop the self-knowledge of the community, promoting collective engagement on issues of mutual concern and limiting duplication of initiatives.
  • Data Collection and Analysis, Research and Communication – In order to comprehend the needs of the Nottinghamshire African community, NAC undertakes and commissions research.
  • Capacity Building – Member organisations have the opportunity to build their capacity with NAC through training opportunities. This keeps them up to date with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to ensure their self-sustainability and progression within their sector.
  • Advocacy – NAC advocacy work involves influencing policy through engaging local government and other stake-holders, through communication, and making submissions and giving presentations.
  • Amplifying the voices of African Migrants – By communicating through a centralised referral system, the members’ voices and concerns are heard and given a platform, which helps to give the communities involved greater visibility.